What is your body type?

Don’t Fight Your Body Shape – Embrace It

Our culture changes from decade to decade. There was a time that overweight people were thought to be the most beautiful. Then, it transformed into the really thin people being the ideal size. One minute, it is better to have no butt and the next it is better to have Beyoncé’s butt.

Society’s expectations on how our bodies should look will always change. These unrealistic expectations are the cause of many girls taking drastic measures to change their bodies. They have been known to starve themselves, purge themselves and hate themselves – all because society says we should look a certain way.

When I was growing up, I was picked on relentlessly because my butt wasn’t bountiful. I was called all kind of names and was made to feel like I wasn’t as good as girls who had ghetto booties. Then, my boobs came in way too much. It was like God misplaced some of the bootie just to give me bigger boobs.

I was talking a while back with a couple of black girl friends of mine and sharing my little bootie despair with them. After they laughed with me for a few minutes, they shared that they too have to deal with cultural oppression. They say that they have been criticized because they didn’t wear their hair in a “white girl way”. They kept their African-American style and some of their family members gave them grief over it.

So, white girls want ghetto booties and black girls want white girls’ hair  —- so society dictates.

How many times have I dreamed that J’Lo and I could just exchange butts!

But, it isn’t my fate. I have had to learn how to be okay with the way my body is shaped. I have no pronounced hips and seem to be a straight shot all the way up – not counting the boobs and stomach. Even when I was 135lbs of pure muscle, I wasn’t shapely. Truth be told, I have what I call a runner’s body. Instead of fighting this, I am going to go with it.

This is one of the main reasons why I have focused on running. I will take what God has given me and make it the best I can. Of course, I have also studied weight lifting techniques to build muscle mass in the glutes and thighs. I figure I will make them as big as physically possible through power lifting and then use running to align my body to its natural state.

So, what is your body shape? Where do you carry the extra weight?

Some women carry it in their butts and hips – aren’t you lucky? That is in style right this minute so you can still be extremely attractive according to society while losing weight. You have less chance of having medical problems from your weight. They call this the pear shape. When establishing your weight loss plan and work out plan, accept that fact that you will always have hips. You could balance your body by doing lower body aerobics with upper body mini-power lifting. If you don’t want your thighs and hips to be any bigger, don’t power lift heavy weights when you do your lunges and such. Do light weights with many reps.

Women like me carry it in their stomachs and our bodies look like apples. This is the dangerous weight gain because of visceral fat that could lead to heart disease. Our daily eating habits need to include a severe reduction in simple sugar based foods and drinks with a proper balance of protein and carbs. Balancing the proteins and complex carbs help regulate blood sugar in the body and will help burn stomach fat better. This is what I am doing and have already lost almost 5 inches in stomach fat in just over 2 months.  We apples will probably never have the shapely, seductive bodies – but we can be our ideal weight, powerful and gorgeous in our own rights. We need to claim it and work with it.  This is why I am aiming for the runner’s body because it will look awesome on me.

Bottom line to this article is — DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN WHAT SOCIETY THINKS!!!!

Understand you won’t necessarily get your body to look like your favorite actress and that’s okay. You are beautiful the way God made you. It is just time to tone up, eat whole healthy foods and build muscle where needed to have a balanced shaped body.

Society will change its mind again soon anyway and then your body type may then be preferred by the masses.

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