About Us

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I am a holistic health coach and I was born with a passion for emotional, spiritual and physical health and assisting my community in attaining Holistic Health is what I set out to do. Looking at a physical problem just as a physical problem alone, has never made a lot of sense to me, body mind and soul are one. Watching my own mother and my sister struggle with their weight all their life has really inspired me to help empower and guide women to realize the dreams and goals that they gave up on, and help them create and live in their ideal body’s for the rest of their lives!

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My story begins with my mother, Ruth. Ruth was a highly intelligent woman with a college degree. She spent her life serving the elderly with her loving heart. However, her self-image bound her life into never ending experiences of abuse, self-hate and inadequacies. Read the rest of her story at Mindy’s Full Bio.

Her story inspired me to take a different path. All my life, as I would think about my mother, I have had a desire to empower women. It began with a desire to just help battered women and has now moved on to empowering all women everywhere.  Read the rest of my bio at Mindy’s Full Bio.

My passion to empower women enables me to use my gift of empathy to really understand where a woman is coming from and my gift of healing, which I focus through coaching, to help her achieve whatever goals she has set for herself.

I urge you … if you are considering how you can achieve what you have only dreamed about up to this point … call me. Let me help you. My heart is already with you.

Qualifications Summary:

  • I have completed Coach Training through Life Coach Training Institute
  • I have been a holistic healer since 1998.
  • I have spent my adult lifetime studying and mastering the “greats”
  • I am a spiritual student and teacher.
  • I am a certified project manager.
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management w/IT Emphasis from WGU.
  • I am a Veteran of the US Army