Marie Osmond’s Success

I have searched the Internet looking for success stories in weight loss. Marie Osmond’s success seems to bring out the good and bad responses in people. I found one site where some people were praising her success and others accused her of cheating.

I would like to offer my limited perspective on her wonderful success. Keep in mind that I think she is a wonderful person. I have met one of her family members and he was an awesome individual. I think she really wants to help women lose weight and be healthier.

The weight loss system that she used revolves around purchasing their prepared meals. They say these meals are regulated by nutritionists so I won’t start a controversy over their healthiness. They are processed meals which are less healthy than whole foods by a long shot. I do question the fact that most people just throw them in the microwave in which the waves alter the molecules of the food. Now, people are not eating food that even resembles whole food.

TIDBIT: Kirstie Alley was another celebrity that used a similar food system to lose tons of weight – only to pack on the pounds plus some once she came off of the system.

Some of Marie’s critics say she really lost weight due to her escape on Dancing With The Stars. Having to exercise (dance)  5-6 hours per day will cause anyone to lose the weight. Others say she had plastic surgery.

I don’t know her exact journey because I haven’t walked in her shoes. However I have made some basic observations.

  1. She at least chose a “apparently” good food choice. She must of have felt like this was the best way to balance her meals. Of course, from a holistic health coach’s perspective, she could have chosen a way that included a majority of whole foods as opposed to processed foods. If she had, she would have a stronger chance of keeping the weight off when she comes of the current food system she is using.
  2. She at least found a temporary “why” to work out. She used an exercise opportunity that had an end goal in mind OUTSIDE of her just wanting to lose weight. By focusing all her efforts on preparing for the DWTS show, she had more motivation to get up moving.
  3. By being a paid sponsor of her diet program, she has to produce weight loss results which gives her ANOTHER temporary “why” to keep to her goals.

If I had a chance to spend time with Marie Osmond, I would love to find out if she has found and removed her limiting beliefs floating in her mind. I would ask her questions to identify how her self-esteem is sitting. I would continue probing until we both fully understood her core “why” that will motivate her no matter what temporary circumstances might occur. I would root for her, let her cry on my shoulder if needed and help her stay accountable till she meets all of her goals.

So Ms. Marie Osmond – You Go Girl!!!!

With Love,

Mindy Millington

My Mother…

My mother is the reason why I became a health coach. For years, I watched her struggle with her self-image, self-esteem and her search for her core strength. She endured so much abuse at the hand of her husband. Her insecurities began when she was a child and she never knew how to stand up for herself.

I would watch her work out in the living room one week and the next week binge on junk food. I had to watch her go through a mastectomy when she was 40 years old and she felt the shame of never replacing the missing breast.

She was often intimidated by me in the sense that I was very outspoken and said what was on my mind way too many times. I often hurt her feelings inadvertently. I felt betrayed by her because I felt that she chose my stepfather over me … but, at the same time I wanted to rescue her from the insecurities and indecisiveness.  I have spent my life wanting to empower her.

Now, it is my mission to empower other women.

As I write to honor my mother this Mother’s Day, I remember and celebrate the strengths she possessed that were less apparent. When she was sick the final time at age 47, bedridden and unable to move any extremity except her right arm, she had courage to do what needed to be done. Because she had been a medical caregiver, she knew the steps I would need to do to take care of her and she guided me with a firmness of resolution.

There came a time that my stepfather’s behavior was very destructive to the entire situation. My mother was concerned that my minor sister would be left in his care when she died. He was also very verbally abusive when he was drunk and I had to sleep on the floor by her bed to make sure he didn’t mess with her in the middle of the night.

My mother’s courage shined through when she made the decision to be placed in a nursing home away from him so I could take the kids and get away. She had always feared living in a nursing home because she had worked in several and knew how bad they could get. Yet, even knowing the worse that could happen, she made the choice for her kids.

I believe that if she could have had a coach, she would have found the strength to change certain things inside herself so that her outer life would be better.

Her health would have been better because she would have removed the limiting beliefs surrounding her self-esteem and self-image. This would have led to her making better, stronger choices about eating, exercise, careers and partners. I truly believe that cancer wouldn’t have gotten such a strong hold in her and that she would have finally been the nurse she always wanted to be but didn’t have the courage to do so. She would have found her core “why” to keep her motivated until she reached all of her goals.

But, she didn’t have a life or health coach. She didn’t know how to look inside herself and find what she needed. She stayed overweight, insecure and finally succumbed to a preventable illness.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take a chance and walk down a new path. You won’t be walking it alone.

We want to help you every step of the way.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I miss you

With Great Love

Mindy Millington