True change comes from within”.

What is a holistic health coach?

A health coach facilitates change…

A holistic health coach helps people identify mindsets and behaviors that are hindering their health (and life). The coach helps the clients stay personally accountable for setting and accomplishing goals while supporting them in their endeavor to change their mindset/behaviors. Our focus is to help each client take action to achieve and sustain health-supporting behaviors.

How can a health coach help me lose weight?

In many cases, your weight is a direct result of your mindset, behavior, habits and perseverance. A health coach will help you identify what is in your mindset that is keeping you overweight as well as the behaviors and habits this mindset has created. The coach will help you find new mindsets, new behaviors, new habits and your core “why” so you can persevere until you have reached your ideal weight.

What types of things do you coach people on?

  • We coach people on how to identify their current mindsets, behaviors and habits as well as how to CHANGE so they can have their mindsets work in their favor, instead of against them.
  • We coach people on how to find their core “why” – the REAL reason to find their ideal weight, workout, eat right, etc. Many times, people get discouraged quickly because their “why” wasn’t big enough or core enough to matter. Our “why” is the biggest motivator in the world. When we can tap into our core “why”, we can move mountains to achieve our goals.
  • We help people stay accountable for their choices. Our clients chose the goals. We just support them in achieving them. We help our clients clarify their goals until they are realistic and manageable.
  • We offer holistic guidelines for healthy living such as healthy foods and behaviors. These are guidelines only as we are not nutritionists or physicians. It is important to always check with your physician before you change your diet or exercise routine.

Why should I participate?

  • Your health is irreplaceable. You will not have joy or longevity of life if you suffer from poor health.
  • You may be running low on motivation. Finding your core “why” is a process and a coach is trained to help find your “why” quickly. When you can tap into your “why”, you will have all the motivation in the world. Having a coach will help you build confidence, provide support and offer inspiration.
  • You need someone on your side who is not judging you. Our job is to listen, ask good questions and keep you on track with your goals. You can be secure in knowing that all of our discussions are held in confidence.
  • You need to celebrate successes and it isn’t always easy to identify or justify taking time to do so. A coach will help you identify each success and celebrate with you. Your body and mind need a reward for good behavior and can get discouraged if the successes aren’t noticed.
  • You need extra support. No matter if you are already using a weight loss program – a health coach can help you find core motivation, improved mindset and strength you never thought possible.


Do health coaches collaborate with other healthcare practitioners like physicians?

Yes. While a health coach should never replace a doctor or other practitioner, working with one can often serve as a bridge between medical recommendations and a patient taking action to create and maintain healthy behaviors. In fact, a 2014 Medscape report showed that while physicians are spending more time with patients, the majority spend less than 20 minutes per visit. Health coaches can help fill the gap by spending more time with patients, supporting them to move forward with health-supporting behaviors, such as those recommend by their physician.