Is your environment keeping you fat?

When you are surrounded by environments that you are compatible with, you are energized!  By living in areas that are vibration-ally compatible with you, you can have the extra energy and boost to finally lose that weight forever.

I realize that compatibility is an all round necessity in life. From the foods we eat to the skin products we use to the people we encounter, to the books we read and yes, even to the geographic places that we choose to live in. Sometimes we may eat something that just doesn’t agree with our system. That does not automatically mean it is a bad food, it just so happens that your system does not agree, your system is not compatible with that food. You may apply a cream that everybody is raving about to your skin and experience a break out. Not because the cream was bad but because your skin is just not compatible with that particular cream. We all know that we just don’t get along with everybody simply because of compatibility.

I have lived in a number of places throughout my life, Suriname in South-Am, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, New York, Florida and Atlanta. In each location I have felt different. In each location my life had a different flow. In Suriname I feel great in my body because it is tropical all year round, and my spirits soar in sunlight, however the collective awareness of the country makes me feel stifled and uninspired, so my life ends up looking uninspired. In Amsterdam I feel physically fine, not amazing, because it is not tropical and the sun is not a guarantee even in the summer.

This for me is very challenging because I really do thrive in a sunny atmosphere. In New York I felt like I couldn’t hear myself think, my mind was always going a mile a minute and it was very hard for me to feel grounded and to make things happen because it felt like my feet were barely touching the ground. In Florida my heart sings a song everyday, especially when I see palm trees and when I drive by the ocean. In Florida my life takes off and almost everything that I need manifests right away. In Atlanta I feel heavy and stuck and almost nothing I want manifests. I don’t feel inspired to do the things that I normally enjoy doing, I actually have to force myself to go and have fun and getting out of bed is sometimes hard, which is not like me AT ALL.

All of these places are absolutely amazing but each one has a completely different effect on me. I had to ponder this for a while as I do when I am not clear about a particular issue, and I realize that it really is about compatibility. I just know that I am not crazy for feeling this way but some of you may think I am LOL, and that’s ok. I am writing this for you all that have felt this way and don’t know why. We should be very mindful of our energy and where we choose to live because it will affect the way our life unfolds. I believe that where I live should support me energetically so that I can serve my community to the best of my capabilities. I believe that where I live should inspire me to get out of bed and go make things happen. Life is not easy as we probably all agree, so we need to take all the support we can get from our environment, not just from the people we surround ourselves with but also from our physical environment.

A seed will not grow in just any kind of soil, a seed will grow in the soil that it is compatible with, soil that has exactly what it needs to grow and flourish.

Peace and Love!