Brain Fog Culprit

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to help a friend pack her belongings and then attend a Boy Scout Eagle award ceremony. At both places, high sugar content items were readily available. My friend had a beautiful Dr. Pepper sitting her fridge calling my name. The scout’s mother made this type of punch that I have always had trouble saying no to – so I had 2 glasses of it. Needless to say, I had gone weeks without major simple sugars and in one day I get about 2 weeks’ worth shoved in my body. I had no idea the type of havoc it would cause.

Let me go back and tell you a story. For years, I my diet consisted of simple carbohydrates and I didn’t think anything of it. I knew that junk food was bad for you but I didn’t care if I lost weight or not. I am not a “dieter” and never will be. However, come 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I would be extremely exhausted and my brain would feel like it was foggy. I would either have to poor more caffeine down my throat or I would have to take a 15-30 minute power nap just to get through the day. I thought that I would have to live this way for the rest of my life.

Then, I became trained as a holistic health coach and became committed to avoiding simple carbohydrates as a way of life. I found ways around needing the junk sugars and feeling much more satisfied with my food. I eat lots of fruits now. In one day I could eat 2 apples, 1 banana, a grapefruit plus the fruits that go in my breakfast protein smoothie. However, my body feels like it is getting the sugars that it needs and normally I don’t feel like having the junk I used to crave.

A wonderful thing happened as I began eating this way. I noticed that afternoons came and went without me needing caffeine or a nap. I could think clearer and I had more energy. Of course, my day includes yoga and exercise which helps. I began getting used to having a lot of natural energy and I was loving it.

Then, last Wednesday came around and I was in a place where I didn’t have my fruits around. I also was dealing with the memory of the loss of both of my parents (my dad was buried on the day my mom died – just different years) so I had a lot of emotions I am still getting clear of. Needless to say, I gorged on those 3 sugary drinks thinking it wouldn’t hurt for one day.

The next day I felt like I had a hangover or that a Mack truck had run over me. I was irritable and had no energy. My brain was extremely foggy. I felt depression for the first time in months. I seriously craved more simple sugars and caffeine. It only took one day’s mistakes to throw me way back in what I had accomplished. I simply felt awful physically.

I spent that day helping my friend while analyzing my situation – WHY was I feeling so badly? I realized that simple sugars really are poison and my body was no longer used to dealing with those poisons. Sugar is a drug – a destructive drug.

If you have been suffering from Brain Fog, depression or lack of motivation, your first step just might need to be removing simple sugars from your life. They can come in the form of pastries, sodas, junk food, table sugar and so many more hidden items. A cleanse is a good way to get over the sugar addiction.  This is a cleansing beverage that I drink every day. It tastes wonderful and actually tastes semi-sweet without me adding sugar. You can find the recipe at There are many more cleanses you can do that are extremely effective. Be sure to get with your health coach to identify one that meets your needs.

Sugar Addiction and Miracles

Sugar is addicting. But, I didn’t realize it was keeping me from miracles.

I am one of those people who got caught up in this addiction blindly and wholeheartedly. As a child, my mother and grandmother would give me sugar-laden coffee, tea, sodas and Koolaid as beverages. They gave me coffee because that was the only way they could sneak milk into my body. We often ate simple carbohydrates in which the building blocks are just pure sugar. I have been inundated with sugar since a small child.

It is no wonder I have been overweight the majority of my life AND why I have such troubles now. I never put it together that my addiction would affect so many areas of my life. Then, I had an epiphany this morning and it relates to fasting and miracles.

I was reading my scriptures this morning and came to a verse that talked about fasting. It reminded me of the verse found in Mark 9:29 of the New Testament. At this time, the disciples were attempting to use the priesthood to cast out devils from someone and they couldn’t do it. They went to report to Christ and his reply was 29“This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

Jesus also taught his disciples about the kind of faith needed to move mountains in Matthew 17:20 as he talked about faith the size of mustard seeds.

Please know that I am not intending this article to be about scriptural doctrines or any religious lesson. However, I am using the correlation that I know best to describe something wonderful.

I believe wholeheartedly that the power of prayerful fasting will produce sufficient faith to perform such miracles as cast devils out of someone or move mountains SUCH AS PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.

Every month people in my church fast and I have found myself struggling to tap into this power because if I go longer than one meal, I start feeling sick and get headaches. Yet, I have conviction of the power of fasting and long so desperately to use it to my advantage.

Our bodies are designed to need a break once in a while so our digestive system has an opportunity to chill out (excuse the slang).  It is a restorative measure that we can take to reboot our system and as a side effect, reboot our souls.

When we power this fasting process with prayer and sincere hope, we can produce miracles in our lives.

Today’s EPIPHANY is: The reason why I get sick when I try to fast is that I am having WITHDRAWL symptoms due to my sugar addiction.

By denying a regular supply of sugar to my body, I am suffering similarly like an alcoholic or drug user would respond when they are in withdraw. My family knows that I can get really mean if I don’t keep a steady supply of food in my body – doesn’t have to be much food, just steady. I keep a protein bar in my purse at all times in case I get stuck somewhere without food.

When I have tried to fast the full 24 hours, I have actually had to be bedridden due to the headache and sickly feeling. I have been so bummed out by this and finally just accepted it as a forever fate that I would be one of those people who couldn’t fast.

Today’s epiphany has opened my mind to a way I can fix this permanently while helping my body find its ideal weight once more.

I had already planned a cleanse designed to remove addictions and was committed to doing it as part of the program. However, now I have a deeper motivationa deeper whyI am going to cleanse and keep this addiction away from me permanently.

My whole focus for the past year is to find my power again. My biggest “why” in life is to feel EMPOWERED – not to hold power over others, but to be empowered to do what I am capable and desire to do: SUCCEED.

Finally, I have tapped into my core “why” and that is completely necessary for permanent change. It is no longer some task I have to do but I deeply, from my core, desire to remove this addiction so that I can call on the powers of heaven more effectively through the process of fasting.

My “why” is probably not your “why” and that is okay. However, you will need to ponder and study and really identify your core “why” so that you can tap into it to have the dedication, will power and stamina to remove the addiction from your life.

I know now at a cellular level that this problem is already fixed in me even though I haven’t completed the cleanse at the time of this writing. I know it is fixed because my mindset is fixed. I won’t fight myself over this issue any more. The rewards of being free now greatly outweigh the rewards of staying addicted.  This is a paradigm shift of extreme magnitude.

Here is the destructive cycle of addiction:


Destructive Cycle of Sugar Addiction


Let’s look out how freedom from addictions free us:

Freedom from Sugar Addiction promotes miracles and permanent weight-loss.

Breaking the hold addictions have on our bodies and minds will lead us to the results we want: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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With Love,

Mindy Millington

The ForeverThin Team