Fuel Your Willpower

Have you ever started a “diet” really excited but that excitement only fueled your motivation for a couple of weeks? About the 3rd week, your energy just starts puttering out and you can find all kinds of excuses on why you can’t work your health plan.

Those excuses are reasonable, justifiable and easy to come up with. Excuses are cheaper than a Huddle House cup of coffee. Excuses prevent us from finding our greatness.  Excuses KILL our willpower.

So, how can we fuel our willpower and keep excuses at bay? I am about to reveal the SECRET to fueling your willpower endlessly. Are you ready?

If you want to keep fuel in your willpower, you will NEED to identify your core “why”.

Most women say they want to lose weight for generic reasons like:

  • I want to look thinner.
  • I want to be healthy.
  • I want my girlish figure back.

These reasons provide absolutely NO core motivation opportunities.  They don’t light your fire. They don’t help you in times of extreme stress or adversities.

However, your core “why” will keep you motivated no matter what obstacles you face. Sometimes, our core “why” will be different for each area of our lives and sometimes it will be the same “why”.

It took me a while to find my core “why” for weight loss. When people would talk about looking skinny, I would say there was just more of me to love. When I thought about eating healthy, I claimed my independence and ate junk food because no one could tell me not to.

What changed for me is that I identified that feeling POWERFUL was extremely important to me. I associated power with my military experience. This reminded me of how powerful I felt when I weighed 135lbs and was extremely fit. Then…BOOM! I was extremely motivated. I now hang my dress uniform up in my office to look at all day long. When I work out, I use similar exercises that I used while in the military. I associate everything I can in my weight loss journey with the military. This is my trigger.

This trigger has given me the willpower to turn down Pepsi while having a depression day. Let me repeat that last statement: I turned down a Pepsi when I was suffering from depression one day! I have NEVER done that before.

This trigger actually has me ENJOYING running. I hated running in the military and now I absolutely feel powerful when I do it now. I am using running as a tool to have an OUTWARD goal to accomplish. I am training to run a 5k soon – and a marathon later on. When I run these runs, I will be doing so to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project (another tie in to the military).

Power is my WHY and I have tapped into triggers to make it happen for me.

You begin to find your core “why” by following the process below:

  1. You need to plan to spend about an hour or two to do this process. Find a quiet hole to hide in where you can reach deeply into yourself without distractions.
  2. Then, think about all the times you actually did what you set out to do – that you actually achieved a goal that you had set.
    1. How did you feel when you did it?
    2. What caused you to follow through?
    3. Write down how you felt and the reasons why you met your goals.
  3. Do you see a pattern forming? Was there a reoccurring reason that made you accomplish your goals?

These patterns reveal the beginning of you understanding your core “why”. Now, you must follow these thoughts to the core.  We are going to use another process to see if we can further identify your core “why”.

  1. Visualize a goal you want to accomplish – let’s use your ideal weight goal. Clearly picture what you would look like when you find your ideal weight. Have that vision planted firmly in your head.
  2. As your visualize, take deep, rhymthmic breaths. In through the nose – out through the mouth. Relax and feel your body just let go.
  3. When you feel extremely relaxed, imagine a wise person walking up to you. You know that this person has every answer you ever needed.
  4. As you are standing there talking to this person, you look exactly like your ideal weight and you ask this person what your “why” was to accomplish this goal. Ask him why you were able to find your ideal weight – what fueled your will power.
  5. Listen. Be prepared to write answers. The answers might come in one word statements. Just free write any thought that comes to you. Take as much time as needed to listen. Don’t rush this.
  6. Review what you have written to identify patterns. Again, the patterns will reveal your core “why”

Once you have an idea of what your core “why” is, you need to figure out ways to trigger it to accomplish your goals. Referring back to my why of power, I figured out my military experience was a trigger and now I use it every opportunity I can to keep me on track. This is important.

If you need any help with this process, please give us a call at 678-791-4131.

With Love,

Mindy Millington