Victimhood’s Destruction

The past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful for me and it has affected my focus and willpower. I took my eyes off of my “why” and focused on everything that was going wrong in my life. I played the victim in my own mind movie. I wallowed in despair and wondered what light would be at the end of the tunnel. Even knowing all I know about mindset, focus, finding the “why” and the law of attraction – I still fell into the victimhood trap. It took my health coach to help me see what I did and helped me refocus on my “why” so I can stand strong again.

As part of my “recovery” from this period, I am increasing the amount of time I am reading helpful books. Right now I am reading “The Awakening Course” by Joe Vitale. You might have seen him on the movie “The Secret”. He is a miracles and marketing coach that has helped people all over the world evolve past the victimhood stage.

I was rereading the first stage section this morning where it talks about feeling like a victim. Every other time I had read this section, I told myself that I didn’t fit into this stage because I had made it past feeling like a victim. However, after being humbled, I see this section in a whole new light. I realized that I played this victimhood scenario like a fiddle these past 2 weeks. I was the leading lady of my own personal drama.

So, I am going to follow these 7 steps that he suggests to glide my way out of this victimhood trap and onto to success in reaching my goals.

  1. I am going to take 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in my life. It might not be my fault but it is my responsibility to deal with it and overcome it – while doing it with a smile on my face and focused on my “why”.
  2. I have been absorbing unconscious beliefs from my environment. Some of these beliefs have not served me well. I am going to be more conscientious about what I surround myself with. This means ignoring the controversial Facebook posts, reading better literature, ignoring negative media influences and finally not letting negative people influence me or my decisions.
  3. I am more powerful than I realize. I have power to crush Satan’s head given to me by my Heavenly Father. I have the power to build my life the way I desire it to be and I will not accept the great deceiver’s lies anymore.
  4. I will become aware of my thoughts. I will make a conscious effort to realize what I am thinking and guide those thoughts to positive emotion evoking thought patterns. I will do this by seeing myself outside of my thought process, looking in. I will gage my feelings at any given time to identify how my thoughts are leaning. If I feel good, powerful – then I know that I am having great thoughts. If I feel bad, worthless – then I know that I having negative, consuming thoughts and I need to take a moment to change my frequency.
  5. I am limitless. The only limits in my life are what I have placed on myself.
  6. My emotions fuel my manifestations. I have been feeding those destructive negative thoughts with strong “I don’t Want” feelings. All I have reaped is stuff I don’t want. I am going to focus on creating and feeling positive emotions to fuel what I do want while having faith that my God will bless me with what I need.
  7. I am going to let go of feeling needful. No longer are my “needs” going to dictate my life. I am going to start feeling abundantly immediately and feel the wondrous feelings associated with that.

I remember one weekend where everything lined up in my favor almost magically. It was the weekend I walked in my college graduation. We left our house in faith that all our needs would be met and every time I needed something, it almost appeared out of thin air – not really, but it seemed like that. I remember that high vibrational feeling that provided so many blessings that weekend. This is the feeling I desire to have in my life every day.

I want that feeling for you too. Can you imagine walking on complete faith not knowing how you are going to get the next thing you need but just knowing that God will provide? I imagine this is how the apostles in the New Testament felt as they left without purse or script.

I know that you can achieve the ideal weight by making mindset changes in your life. I know that once you quit allowing the adversary convince you that you are a victim, you will find your own power. This internal power will fuel what you need to focus on your “why” and do the menial activities that will provide you with the ideal body.

I pray that your life is blessed with abundance and that you find your way.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mindy Millington